Why Get A Roof Inspection?

As homeowners, we think of our roof like we think of our tires. We only think of them when something goes wrong. And, we only replace them when we absolutely must. That said, many drivers recognize the need for periodic attention to their tires. We fill them with air, rotate them, check the tread against a dime. It makes our tires last longer and helps us avoid unpleasant surprises. In like manner, periodic roof maintenance and service can extend our roof’s useable life – affordably.

Think you don’t have time for a roof inspection and service? Have you considered the time and expense associated with repairing leaks? And what about the interior damages they can cause? Compared against the multi-trade process of interior repairs, a 30-minute roof evaluation starts sounding pretty darn good.

But don’t take our word for it. The NRCA even recommends every roof get inspected twice a year. Here’s why:

1. Weather & Aging

Normal weather and natural elements cause all roofs to age naturally. Roofs in Charlotte are under lots of stress in this department. Volatile temperature changes during a 24-hour period cause rapid expansion and contraction of roofing materials. And over time, openings in the roof will occur. This can allow water to penetrate the roof system. Regular inspections call attention to weathered areas giving you the opportunity to schedule maintenance and prevent further damage.

2. Storm Damage

Roofs should be inspected immediately following high winds, hail, and other weather events. Lots of storm damage turns out to be minor and requires inexpensive maintenance. In some cases, though, storm damage is significant enough to involve your insurance carrier. A trusted pro roofing contractor will meet your adjuster on site to point out any damages.

Fallen tree limbs and branches also damage your roof. Even small penetrations can lead to water intrusion and interior damages. If your roof was not installed according to manufacturer specifications to begin with, storm damage will be even more severe. Emergency repairs are often the most costly of all.

3. Roof Traffic

Your roof can rapidly become a high traffic zone during routine maintenance at home. Tradespeople like painters, gutter cleaners, chimney sweeps and window washers will traverse your roof to complete their work. Your shingles can sustain mechanical damage if you roof isn’t protected while they work. Shingle bruising, scuffing and breakage can lead to premature roof failure and ultimately, water intrusion.

4. Sleepless Nights

Will your roof leak tonight? Will it show up in your daughter’s closet or the master bath? Worry and anxiety over possible leaks leads to sleepless nights. Have a trusted pro put eyes on your roof. You might find our your roof is in great shape! Worst case, you’ll learn it needs attention. Even if it needs replacing, good roofers will take to steps temporarily extend the life of your roof. And we’ll be here for you when you’re ready to discuss replacement.

So, don’t be afraid of scheduling your roof inspection. Get it done. Find out what’s really going on up there. Perform the routine maintenance. Extend the life of your roof and keep your family dry and safe.