Our Promise

Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations is a family company founded on three essential principles. The principles are simple, but encompass so much of what matters to you – including the Blue Fox promise to your family.

Blue Fox Roofing and Renovations Owner

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We promise to be:


The only way Blue Fox can sleep at night is to live with integrity all day long. Ambiguity can’t be trusted. So once we understand your unique concerns, we’ll bullet point an approach that addresses them – avoiding unpleasant surprises.


Happy clients are informed, not anxiously wondering. So we won’t ignore your questions and concerns. We’ll listen carefully and respond diligently. Blue Fox will never leave you hanging.


Blue Fox’s proactive approach to workplace safety and cleanliness is proven to avoid headaches – and worse. We are meticulously careful about people and property. If our family is safe, yours will be too.

Through decades of serving folks at home, we’ve grasped that being trusted, responsive and safe is the blueprint for a successful home renovation. And really, that’s what both of our families want.