You don’t need torrential rains or hail for a storm to damage your roof enough to warrant repairs, or at the very least, an inspection. High winds, hail and flying debris can cause enough damage to require roof repairs or even replacement. So, you must check the condition of your roof after heavy storms.

Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations Storm Damage Assessment and Restoration

After a storm has passed, and it is safe to go outside, you should do a visual inspection (from the ground – AVOID GOING ON THE ROOF) to look for signs of roof damage such as:
  • Missing shingles or other pieces of roofing material
  • Visible damage or movement of exhaust pipes and vent covers
  • Cracks or damage where the roof meets the walls
  • Tree branches or other foreign material laying on or stuck in the roof
  • Check the siding for hail damage that could signal roof damage as well

Before you move anything inside or outside, take several photos and detailed notes of all damage.

Your safety and the safety of your family and neighbors are always the first priority, so watch for potential hazards that need immediate attention such as broken glass and sharp edges on damaged material, and cordon off dangerous areas.