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Is your Charlotte NC roof leaking?

If you find yourself tensing every time the clouds roll you may be suffering from roof leaks. And the truth is, no one should have to live with the constant threat of water pouring into their home. Roof leaks negatively impact the the sense of safety and wellbeing you’ve worked hard to cultivate at home. There is simply no such thing as “a small roof leak.”

Blue Fox puts a stop to roof leaks.

Leaky roofs can be stopped in one of two ways. You may choose to replace your roof or repair it.  If your roof is less than 12 years old, was originally equipped with a properly installed high quality shingle, chances are its still got some good years ahead of it – even if it’s already leaking. Let one of Blue Fox’s roof technicians examine your leaky roof, with the goal of extending it’s useful life.

Our roof pros are trained in the dying art of roof repair. Decades of industry experience have helped us to appreciate the importance of never replacing a roof prematurely. The sheer volume of wasted created during the roof replacement process would turn the stomach of even the least likely environmentalist. That’s why the

  • Seals around skylights that keep water from leaking in.
  • Vents need to be checked for screens that keep debris and bugs out.
  • Gutters and downspouts should be inspected for proper connections, clogs, and possible damage. These issues could make water run into basements or on the foundation.
  • Materials (such as flashing) that help control the flow of water need to be checked. They help keep water from seeping into your home’s walls which can potentially cause mold and/or structural damage.
  • Cleanliness is important to maintain your roof, so it needs to be inspected for algae.

If you’re just in the early stages of deciding on a roof replacement, try the Blue Fox QuickQuote tool. It’s a great way to find out what a new roof will cost. In less than a minute you can get a price for your new roof!

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