What’s the Best Time of Year to Install a New Roof?

Charlotte homeowners count their blessings when it’s time to replace their roof. Why is that? Because new roofing can be installed almost any time of year in North Carolina! For that reason, Blue Fox works year round to accommodate client’s roofing needs on demand. Even with the flexibility of a more mild climate, there is a best time of year to install the roof.

Spring & Fall Are Ideal

Most shingle manufacturers recommend installing materials when the weather is warm, dry and calm. Oh, if only every day were like that! In Charlotte, we see lots of great weather for roof installation during the Spring and Fall. So, if you have the luxury of planning ahead for your roof replacement, either of those seasons will be best.

Ideally you will want your new roofing materials installed when the outside temperatures are between 40º and 85ºF. Of course, a good roofing contractor can accommodate your installation at any time of year without impacting your warranty.

Cold Weather Warnings

If you’re getting your roof installed in colder temperatures, make sure your installer is taking precautions related to the drop in temps. Asphalt shingles can become brittle and troublesome to work with in very cold weather. If your roofing pro is installing a roof below 40º, make sure he’s taking precautions.

If your roof is being installed on a cooler day, it may take a couple of warm days for the shingles to lay very flat and look their best. That’s because the thermal strip of sealant needs time to warm up and adhere properly.

Hot Weather Warnings

Just like cold weather impacts the ease of working with shingles, so can extremely hot weather. Common issues include: shingles sticking together, shingles damaging more easily, and shingles tearing during installation. This is why we recommend shingle repair and installation work in early spring or the fall, when temperature conditions are mild. Again, your contractor can take precautions and minimize traffic on your roof to ensure your roof gets installed well and lasts long.

Choose a Roofer You Can Trust

No matter when you need roofing work done, be sure to choose a highly rated, locally roofing professional that you can trust. Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations serves clients in North Carolina and South Carolina – anyone in the Charlotte Metro area. And, we’ve got 25 years experiences working on roofs in every season. Contact us now to schedule your free roof evaluation.