Whether it’s a stormy night or a bad case of wood rot, it’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: a tree falling through your home. Remember not to panic! It is crucial to follow an action plan to help your family through the stressful process.

At Blue Fox Roofing, we prioritize your safety! If a tree fell on your roof, our professionals are here to help repair your damaged roof. Read ahead to learn about the next steps and how you can begin to fix your roof.

What To Do After A Fallen Tree

Immediately Evacuate The House

When disaster strikes, it’s crucial to act quickly! All household members should exit the house to avoid any potential injuries. If possible, every household should have a “go-bag” packed ahead of time for emergency situations. Your bag can include:

  • First aid supplies and medications
  • Some food and water
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Cellphone chargers
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Important documents (homeowners insurance, banking, identification)

Contact The Authorities And Your Utility Company

Apart from damage to your home, fallen trees can cause other hazards. Occasionally, trees can take down power lines and even cause fires. 

Your local electric utility can dispatch technicians to repair downed power lines. Emergency services can send professionals to help tend to any injured members of your household. They can also redirect traffic around your street if necessary.

Collect Documentation For Insurance Claims

Poor weather conditions can often cause trees to fall. Once the immediate danger has passed and only if it’s safe to do so, take photos of interior and exterior damage to your home. A roofing professional can safely help document the condition of your roof for your homeowners insurance company.

If your roofing contractor or water remediation company begins emergency work, keep track of every receipt and make sure those receipts detail exactly what you paid for. Contact a professional tree removal to safely remove the tree and an engineer to inspect for any structural damage. Remember, when it comes to insurance claims, more documentation is better.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once emergency needs are cared for, contact your insurance company. You will likely need to pay a deductible before your insurance company can help pay for repair costs.

Certain circumstances may affect the amount your insurance company will cover. If the tree falls on your roof due to weather, most companies will cover part or all of the remaining cost. However, insurance companies may deny your claim if the tree was rotten or fell due to homeowner negligence.

Some roofing companies, including Blue Fox Roofing, work with insurance companies. This process ensures that the roof gets the necessary repairs, making the situation smoother for the homeowner.

Make sure to keep track of expenses that relate to your home’s damage! You will need to hire tree removal company, an engineer for any structural damage and Blue Fox Roofing for your roof repairs. Depending on your insurance policy, some companies will cover the cost of emergency damage control. 

Contact A Roofing Company For Repairs

Fallen trees can do lots of damage to your home’s roof. In the event of bad weather, storm damage repairs may be necessary for your household. Our team of professional roofers can conduct a storm damage assessment to determine what repairs your roof requires.

When performing repairs on your roof, our team can replace damaged roof decking, torn or missing shingles and holes that form from a fallen tree. It’s important to maintain your roof, especially after the effects of a bad storm. Live safely and comfortably in your home with roof repairs from Blue Fox Roofing.

Contact Blue Fox Roofing For Reliable Roof Repairs!

Fallen trees can be a pain to deal with. Fortunately, Blue Fox Roofing is here to help with repairs or roof replacement in Charlotte! If you need professional assistance with your roof, contact us today to learn about your options!

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