Roof repairs and renovations can feel like a hassle when severe storms strike. If you and your family are suffering from a leaking ceiling due to a faulty roof — Blue Fox Roofing is here for you! We are well known throughout Charlotte, NC as roof contractors you can trust, and our trained team members are always ready and willing to protect your home from the elements through repairs, renovations and more. 

Struggling with leaks? Our ice and water shield for roofing is perfect for defending your home against brutal weather. This product is made with water-proof materials, repelling any moisture that seeps under your shingles and saving your roof deck from lasting damage.  

Our ice and water barrier is a safeguard in many different climates, its sticky adhesive is reliable through every storm. Read on to learn more about ice shield, as well as how Blue Fox Roofing can help with all your rooftop needs today!  

Ice Shield Facts

Wondering what makes an ice shield unique? 

The underlayment material in an ice barrier is strong and durable, its water-resistant membrane was developed to protect vulnerable areas on your roof from weather damage. Ice shield is constructed out of a polymer-modified bitumen with a release film on the back so that they can bond to any roof deck. When the release film is peeled off, the barrier forms a watertight seal that can stick to flat and bumpy surfaces. The membrane can also seal around nails as your roofer begins positioning shingles over top.  

Yet even though ice shield is extremely helpful, they may not be the best option for all houses. The materials in the membrane can create vapor walls between the shield and your roof deck- reducing space for your deck to breathe and increasing the risk of water damage. In these situations, ventilation is crucial to fight condensation buildup. 

Should An Ice Shield Cover My Entire Roof? 

Enveloping your entire roof in an ice and water shield can prevent leaks- but it can also be a waste of material, as well as costly. 

As Charlotte roofing contractors, we recognize the value in saving money and sticking to a budget, so we make sure to protect the parts of your roof that are facing the most danger from the start. Areas that are prone to storm damage, such as valleys, low pitches, and regions near eaves and chimneys are usually the places we tackle first. 

When Should I Have An Ice Shield Installed?

At Blue Fox Roofing, we pride ourselves in being available for your roofing needs year-round, but installing an ice shield can be tricky when the weather is counterproductive. 

If you are planning on getting a roofing upgrade, spring and fall are usually the best seasons for renovations. A warm, dry, and mild climate can make the application process go by smoothly and efficiently. 

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