Have you ever wondered what those pipes sticking out of your roof are? That’s probably a plumbing stack with a pipe boot, and that pipe boot is a pretty big deal for your home.

A pipe boot is designed to prevent water from coming into your home where plumbing pipes or heat stacks protrude through it. Pipe boots, or pipe flashings, are fairly low-maintenance roof accessories. But overtime, exposure to the elements can cause damage to them.

Blue Fox Roofing experts know that the more subtle features of your home, like a pipe boot, can be overlooked and misunderstood. Below we have gathered all the information you’ll need on the importance and how to maintain your roof pipe boot.

What Is The Purpose Of A Pipe Boot?

To understand why you need pipe boots, first, you need to understand why you have pipes sticking out of your roof. Every modern home is equipped with a plumbing system and all plumbing systems need pipe vents (what you see on your roof). These pipes allow air to circulate through your plumbing system enabling waste water to drain out of your home.

Because these pipes poke right through your roof, there is a hole in the roof sheathing, and roofing materials to make room for it. And anytime there is a hold in the roof, it can create the opportunity for a roof leak. The pipe boot covers the gaps and prevents leaks.

Why Does My Home Need One?

Without pipe boots, you are risking extensive (and expensive) water damage in your home. This specialty flashing prevents leaks in your home and allows rainwater to flow down the roof to the gutters, as it’s supposed to.

How Long Do They Last?

The typical lifespan of a pipe flashing is ten years. This lifespan has the potential to expand or decrease based on the quality pipe boot you choose to have installed and the way it’s maintained over the years. At Blue Fox Roofing we like to get ahead of problems, so we use a pipe boot that lasts 20 years instead of your usual 10. Our pipe flashings have an aluminum base that won’t expand and contract at the same low rate as plastic. Our pipe boots also come with a polypropylene flange that ensures the flashing is secured tightly around the pipe. Then, we screw (not nail) it down with a neoprene washer to keep water out.

How To Care For Your Pipe Boot

Your best option is to routinely have a roofing professional inspect your roof and roof accessories. If needed, your pipe boots can be repairs fairly easily. Many roof boots are located above the attic. If this is the case for you and you can safely access the attic space, climb on up and have a look at the area surrounding the pipes and stacks. It can be a a great preventative measure. Contact your local roofing specialist if you see any signs of water intrusion, dark spots on the wood, corroded nails, or anything out of the ordinary. Taking care of your roof, specifically your pipe boots, can help prevent expensive and intrusive interior damages.

We Can Help You With Roof Repair

Blue Fox Roofing is a family company founded on being trustworthy, responsive, and safe. For decades we have serviced home roofing needs to the highest standard. Whether you require a pipe boot replacement or another roofing service, let our experts serve you and your home.

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