As a locally owned and family operated Charlotte roofing company, Blue Fox wants to warn homeowners about some of the predatory sales tactics some door to door roofers employ. One common approach we see is roofers aggressively door knocking in neighborhoods after big (and even not-so-big) storms. They relentlessly pressure homeowners into signing contracts on the spot for new roofs or repairs.

While door-to-door roofers may seem convenient, their methods are often shady. The North Carolina Department of Justice even warns consumers against door knocking roofers. Here are just a few red flags to watch out for:

  • Salesmen may push homeowners to file insurance claims even when there’s no legitimate storm damage. This can lead to denied claims and higher premiums down the road.
  • Quotes may be inflated well above market price, so could you end up paying more than necessary.
  • The workmanship may be hastily done and shoddy leaving you to sort out frustrating leaks and the resultant interior damages on your own.
  • High pressure tactics are used to get homeowners to sign unfavorable contracts.
  • Unlike community stake-holders, fly-by-night companies may take your money then disappear without completing the work.

Go With The Local Roofing Companies

Protect yourself and outsmart those shady door-to-door roofers:

  • Never let a roofer pressure you into filing an insurance claim before they’ve actually gotten on top of your roof to inspect it.
  • Beware of anyone rushing you to file a roof claim. In North Carolina you have three years from the storm date to file a claim. And, in South Carolina, you have one. So take your time selecting a reputable contractor you like.
  • Make sure the roofing company you select is fully licensed and insured – before you allow them to inspect your roof. Both of these items serve to protect you, the consumer.
  • Check your roofing company’s online reputation. Read the positive and negative – the reviews and complaints. And, always check with the Better Business Bureau first.
  • Remember, even if you have an approved roof claim, shop like it’s your money you’re spending, because it is.

Contact Charlotte’s Trusted Roofing Company!

Avoid the headaches and extra costs by working with a reputable local roofing company that will clearly explain all costs upfront and stand behind their work. Contact Blue Fox Roofing today for an honest assessment of your roofing needs without the high pressure rigamarole.

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