Weather is unpredictable across all of the US, which is why you’ll want to protect your home from any damages that may come from these storms. After a storm, homeowners should make sure there isn’t any serious damage in order to keep their homes secure. Blue Fox Roofing wants to share the checklist for roof storm damage with homeowners. This will help you inspect each part of your roof before any damages become a more serious problem.

Performing Storm Damage Inspection

You can expect roof damage to come from any kind of harsh weather. Even short storms could lead to heavy damage to your roof. The damage could be as simple as ruining the appearance of your roof’s surface, or more serious damage like exposing your roof to the elements. The most common types of roof damage come from the following factors:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Standing water
  • Debris

Any of these weather conditions could lead to tears or dents in your shingles and could clog gutters after they pass. It could lead to moisture intrusion that leaks in your ceiling if left unfixed. After a serious storm, you should do a thorough storm damage inspection on your roof

Roof Inspection

Check out the surface of your roof by walking around your home’s perimeter. Even the slightest damage should be noted for insurance purposes. In multiple-story homes, you could even take a look out a window from your upper floors to see your roofing from above. Write down or take pictures of dented, torn or missing shingles after a storm for reference.

Gutters, Vents and Windows

Make sure your gutters and other roof accessories are free from damage. Storms could crack windows or tear screens from the wind and debris. Make sure to watch out for broken glass that could still be on the roof after a window has been damaged. You should also look out for loose weather stripping so it can be reattached or replaced during your next roof inspection.

Outside Areas

If anything landed on your roof during a storm, it can still be up there, or it could have rolled off. Look around your yard for fallen tree branches or any other debris that made its way from the storm. You should check for missing fence posts or damage to your lawn furniture as well. Your patio or deck could also have some damage from any harsh hail or debris. Take note of any of these damages for replacements and take care of anything that needs to be properly thrown away.

Attic And Ceilings

Check your attic and ceiling for any water damage that came from the storm. You should check for leaks or water spots, as this could cause further damage to your ceiling. Wind and hail could cause small holes that are difficult to see from the exterior of your home. Use a flashlight and inspect your attic and ceiling for any sign of damage and take note of them!

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