When you need storm repair in Waxhaw, NC, rely on our expert roofers at Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations. Storms can cause catastrophic damage to your home, especially when they impact your roof. Securing your home and protecting your family are our top priorities. Falling limbs, downed trees, hail, and high winds can cause significant roof damage. Taking action now and seeking storm damage services will ensure your home is secure and the interior is no longer in danger of further threats.

Water damage is likely during a severe storm, whether the event is a thunderstorm, an ice storm, or a tornado. Waxhaw averages one tornado a year, with the worst in 1989. Winds can begin to cause damage when they rise over 45 mph. Shingles can begin to lift at this speed, and weak trees and limbs can fall. If your home suffers roof damage from a storm, taking immediate action is critical to preventing serious property loss and injuries.