With the wrong roofing team, roof repairs and installations can be a nightmare! One of the biggest sources of stress during roof work is the mess that traditional roofers make on top of and around your home. With large amounts of roof materials and debris used to get the job done, it can feel like trash is raining down around you and onto your valuable property.

Blue Fox Roofing and Renovations does things differently. We’re committed to providing you with the most efficient and tidy roof services in the industry. That’s why we’re proud to use high technology tools like the Equipter. Keep reading to find out how this tool makes your Charlotte roof services stress-free!

What Is The Equipter?

The Equipter is basically a large metal container that is secured to a trailer. It can be easily and safely driven over your yard to rest up alongside your home. We can then use the self-propulsion feature to raise the trailer up to 12 feet in the air! Imagine a 4,000lb capacity dumpster at roof height — that’s the Equipter!

How Does The Equipter Make Blue Fox Roofing More Efficient?

Whether you’re having repairs done on one section of your roof or having the entire roof torn off and replaced, a lot of roof debris is created. Traditional roofers have to slowly haul this debris down ladders, into wheelbarrows and over to the dumpster. Since this process takes a considerable amount of time, some roofers decide to send the debris over the edge of the roof onto the ground.

With the Equipter at Blue Fox Roofing’s disposal, roof debris can be collected from your roof and straight into the Equipter. No more falling debris, just easy, safe, roofing service.

When the Equipter is full of material, it can be easily lowered and driven over to a larger dumpster on the ground. Then it can be lifted up to dump its contents into the proper disposal area before returning to the edge of your home. The Equipter can even be used to lift the new roofing materials up to your roof replacement with ease.

Simplifying some of these processes cuts out a huge amount of time for our team, allowing us to complete your roof service faster and more efficiently.

The Equipter Protects Your Property

During the roofing process, avoiding falling debris around your home is a huge win. You don’t have to worry about your family or pets straying into the line of dangerous materials falling. Plus, your lawn, landscaping and plants will all be protected from metal, wood and shingles crushing them.

Additionally, the Equipter prevents all future damage that could occur after the team leaves. If you’ve ever had traditional roof work done, you know how dangerous and inconvenient it is to find nails and metal left behind in your yard or even on your driveway. One small screw or nail can mean a flat tire — an expense and source of stress you don’t need to deal with. In a worst-case scenario, one of your family members or pets can be seriously injured by stepping on a rusty nail!

Gain peace of mind with Blue Fox Roofing and Renovation. Avoid this worry about your home’s safety and gain back your confidence. When you work with a roofing team that uses an Equipter, you can be sure that all hazardous materials are being collected and disposed of properly.

Blue Fox Goes Above And Beyond

You’re our community, and we care about your roof health AND your experience during the roof repair or replacement process. That’s why we know that using the Equipter is the best, most efficient option for our customers.

If you want a roofing team you can trust to take care of your roof and property correctly, Blue Fox Roofing is here to help. Contact us today to start your roof repair, installation or inspection request!

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