Did your home just weather a significant storm? Was your roof subjected to high winds and hail? Finding out your home has sustained damages can be stressful enough. Subsequently dealing with your homeowner’s insurance company, adjusters and high pressure door-to-door roofing salespeople adds insult to injury. Blue Fox is here to help Charlotte area homeowners in the aftermath of damaging storms.  We can walk you through the insurance claims process in 5 easy steps!

  1. Watch-out for aggressive canvassing crews combing the neighborhood in the days and weeks following severe weather. These teams work fast to catch homeowners unaware, making big promises but delivering disappointment. Don’t sign anything. Canvassing crews may present contingency contracts disguised as “inspection reports.” Signing one of these contracts gives that roofing company the job if your insurance claim is approved. Don’t lose control of your home improvement. And don’t get tricked by their high pressure tactics. Blue Fox offers free roof inspections and estimates – no signature required.
  2. Have a pro document the damage to your home. Even serious wind and hail damage can be difficult to see from the ground. Call a locally owned, well reported on roofing contractor to inspect your home. Blue Fox’s 20-point, no obligation, hassle free roof inspection won’t take long. Our home pro will photograph, mark-up and document any damage to your roof, gutters and siding.
  3. Make a call. Making snap decisions after a storm is never a good idea. But, time is of the essence.  So don’t wait to call your insurance company. Have your policy number ready and find out what your policy will cover. Some policies cover the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your property, while others offer Replacement Cost Coverage (RCC). There is a difference and Blue Fox can help you navigate claims process, making the best of an otherwise inconvenient time.
  4. Meet the adjuster. An insurance adjuster has to verify the damage to your property. Blue Fox’s home pro will go to bat for you, even meeting with your adjuster to be sure all legitimate storm damages are covered by your insurance company.
  5. Choose your roofer. Many out of town roofers, or storm chasers, are fabulous at using high pressure and fear to win your business. They’re also experts at identifying claims and getting insurance companies to fork over what your premiums paid into. But that’s where it ends. Storm chasers will give you the lowest caliber roof money can buy and a warranty that’s not worth the paper its printed on. Don’t get duped. Choose a locally vested contractor who will stick around to service your home and family for the lifetime of your roof.

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