If you want to protect your home from expensive repairs, one thing you should look out for is staining on your roof. After a heavy storm or humid weather, your roof may develop streaks or stains. These stains come from moss and algae that grew from the weather and will continue to grow if left untreated. Maintenance and replacements for these stains can be very costly, so our Blue Fox Roofing specialists are here to share ways to prevent staining on your roof before moss and algae infest your roof.

Give Your Roof Sunlight

If you have big trees in your yard, your roof may have dark spots where moss and algae can grow. Removing these shadows will keep your roof warm and make it less likely for moss and algae to stick. Trim down your tree branches to allow sunlight on your roof and keep out roof stains.

Keep Your Roof Dry

The biggest factor for moss and algae growth is the moisture on your roof. They will move toward the wet areas of your roof and expand because of the moisture. This is why they are more likely to grow after heavy weather falls on your home. After a rain or snowstorm, you should clear out your gutters. This helps keep water from getting clogged and keeps your roof dry from moisture. 

Clean Out Debris 

Many things that can land on your roof that can attract unwanted stains. You should regularly clean your roof from these things to keep them from accumulating on your roof. Below are some things that can help spread moss and algae on your roof.

  • Leaves
  • Dirt
  • Tree Branches
  • Animal Droppings

Debris like these can help moss and algae expand further on your roof. If these things accumulate on your roof, you’ll find that moss and algae will do just the same. Cleaning off debris will keep moss and algae from expanding and staining your roof.

Add Zinc And Copper Strips

You can find products designed specifically to keep your home cleared from staining agents. Zinc and copper strips, for example, contain minerals that are moss and algae-resistant. You can add these strips to your roof to prevent moss and algae from forming. You can also find zinc and copper singles for your roof for more effective prevention.

Keep Moss And Algae From Spreading

Even after carefully cleaning your roof, you may still find the start of moss and algae growth. You will want to apply solutions to keep them from spreading to different parts of your roof. One way to stop them from spreading is using a bleach solution on the affected area. This will make sure that the moss and algae stay away from other parts of your roof that can be damaged.

When To Call Your Residential Roofers

If you want in getting your roof inspected for moisture and stains, contact your local Charlotte roofers to check out your home today! Blue Fox Roofing is proud to provide excellent service for homeowners in Charlotte. Contact us today for a consultation if you have any concerns with your roofing. We find ‘em, we fix ‘em, we promise!

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