The best place to host social events is right under your roof! This structure protects you from the elements, keeping your home comfortable for all gatherings. However, what happens when a few uninvited guests show up at your residence? If termites unexpectedly inflict damage to your roof, you need a reliable roofing company to correct the issue.

Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations is prepared to keep your roof in excellent condition. Our experienced contractors are resourceful and trustworthy, two qualities that are essential for high-quality repair services. We’ve compiled a guide to help you identify termite damage to your roof and how to solve the pest problem.

Signs Of Termite Roof Damage

Termite invasions can be detrimental to your home. It’s crucial to identify signs of termite damage as soon as possible. Doing so will help prevent further roof-related problems. A few indicators that these pests are gathering within your residence are:

  • Mud tubes climbing up your foundation
  • Termite wings and droppings around your home
  • Ceiling cracks and holes
  • Roof discoloration and sagging
  • Clicking sounds from ceiling

A colony of termites on your roof is a recipe for disaster. These insects feed on cellulose, a common material found in wood that gives your roof stability. Without a reliable structure, your roof could collapse, causing hazards and an urgent need for repairs.

How To Correct Termite Roof Damage

Before scheduling a roof repair service, you should begin treating your home for pest infestation. A licensed pest control professional will inspect your property and provide you with a solution to eliminate the insect. After the extermination concludes, you can begin the correction process.

Schedule Professional Roof Repair

Once you’ve determined you’re facing a termite infestation, a roofing contractor will perform repairs to correct the damage. A professional can repair soffits, fascia and rotten roof shingles from these pests. With the help of a trusty repair service, you can rest assured that your roof is protected from harm.

Keep Records Of Damages And Repairs

North Carolina has numerous laws that require homeowners to disclose any known defects within their property before selling their homes. You should keep records of termite damage and proof of repair services. These documents can serve as proof that you corrected the problem before your house was sold.

Prevent Future Termite Infestations

Nobody wants to experience a need for significant home repairs. Taking preventative measures will reduce the chance of you experiencing another termite infestation. Cleaning your gutters and repairing rotten shingles will lower the possibility of these pests harming your roof. You can also prevent this problem by not storing wood against the outside walls of your home.

Protect Your Home From Charlotte Roof Pests

Charlotte, NC, is no stranger to roof pests! Many animals and insects can have a harmful effect on the top of your home. Rodents, hornets, carpenter ants and other organisms can damage your roof if they’re not removed in a timely manner. When these issues occur, a roofing contractor can help you take the next steps to repair the pest-related problems.

Let The Pros Fix Your Roof Damage In Charlotte, NC

Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations is here to provide clever solutions to your roofing problems. With a passion for serving Charlotte homeowners, you can expect high-quality repair services from our team of experts. Contact us today to schedule your next repair service!

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