Maintaining the roof of your home is crucial to keeping it in good shape. However, getting your roof replaced or repaired can be a costly investment. With there being so many roofers on the market, it can be challenging figuring out which one to decide on. 

We at Blue Fox Roofing have gathered a few tips to keep in mind when looking for a trustworthy roofer to repair your Charlotte home!

Good reputation

With any business, longevity is key. If you’ve consistently provided high-quality work, then your business will likely stick around for a while. The same applies to roof contractors (aka roofers)!

Aim to choose one that has a long track record of doing business in your community. This shows you that they’re trustworthy roofers with a strong reputation. You can confirm this by reading third-party reviews about them online and reading what past customers have said about their work.

Unfortunately, it’s common for scammers to pose as roofers. Typically referred to as “storm chasers”, these fraudulent roofers will follow bad weather such as heavy hail or snow. They’ll often travel door-to-door and don’t have much information available under their business name. 

Look at qualifications


Most roofers gain their experience from on-the-job work, but some states require roofers to have certain licensing. Make sure to do your research to see what’s necessary for where you’re located. A roofing license is proof that your roofer went through formal training. They’ve gathered the necessary experience to perform the job well and safely.


Also, because roofing is a risky business, you want to make sure your roofers are insured. You don’t want to be responsible for injuries workers might sustain while on the job or damages they might do to your property. A high-quality roofer will carry liability insurance for such things. If you have doubts about their coverage, there’s no harm in even contacting their insurance directly to verify. 


Sometimes, scammers that pose as roofers will ask for payment upfront. Beware. The standard within the roofing industry is to ask for a deposit amount, then pay the remaining amount after the job is done. To ensure your roofer is going to finish their work, you can check if they’re bonded.

The main purpose behind a bond is to protect the customer. A bonded roofer is insured through a bonding company, so if they can’t get the job done for any reason, the bonding company will help you find someone else to finish it.  

Get a contract in writing

Avoid roofers that make all their promises verbally. It’s important to get a written contract to summarize exactly what your roofer will be doing and to ensure there are no hidden costs.

Here are other items that should be included in your written contract:

  • Contact information
  • License, insurance, bonds
  • Summary of project
  • Estimate
  • Payment schedule
  • Guarantee of work

Trust Charlotte’s Blue Fox Roofing

Looking for a trustworthy, reputable roofer in Charlotte, North Carolina? Blue Fox Roofing would be happy to be put to the test! From roof inspections to extensive roof replacements, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver your roofing needs with quality and integrity.

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