Intense weather can invite serious damage to your home’s exterior. Hailstorms can be impactful, both literally and figuratively. The best way to protect your home from roof damage is to prepare for harsh weather conditions and recognize damage before it takes a turn for the worse.

Specialists at Blue Fox Roofing are your local Charlotte roofers who have been through these damages before. Here are some tips our team wants to share for homeowners who wish to keep their home safe for the summer storms.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like?

Hail damage can’t always be seen from your sidewalk. Some damages can be minor, and can get worse if left untreated. Depending on what kind of shingles you have, damage can look different to the naked eye. Here is what some damage can look like to asphalt and composition shingles compared to wood shingles:

Damage On Asphalt/Composition Shingles

Asphalt and composition shingles are durable, but they can still show wear after a storm. You may see scattered damage without a noticeable pattern. You might also notice the loss of granules from the impact. Hail stones can expose your roof to water damage and need timely repairs before water reaches inside your home.

It’s important to pick up on hail hits as soon as possible. Some hail hits look black in color, or can make your asphalt look shiny. Take note of any discolorations in your shingles and let our team know so we can provide a thorough roof inspection.

Damage On Wood Shingles

Just like your asphalt and composition shingles, you may see alterations to your exterior. Scattered damage is always a good sign to look out for after a hailstorm to see how your shingles could have been impacted. For wood, you might notice discolorations and splits on your shingles.

Damaged wood shingles can look like they have been dented or brown and orange in color. These are signs of wear, and it’s important to get them checked before they crack and let water into your home. Let our roofing professionals take care of your roof replacement when you see signs of wear on your roof.

How Can You Minimize Hail Damage

Protecting your roof from heavy storms can reduce the amount of roof hail damage you can expect after the storm passes. You can invest in impact-resistant materials that will keep you and your home safe. You can also get notifications for any weather alerts in your area. This will make it easier to prepare for a storm before the unexpected happens.

Your roof isn’t the only thing that can be damaged during a hailstorm. Keep in mind that any other personal property that you have both inside and outside can be affected by heavy impacts. Some ways you can prevent these types of damages include:

  • Closing your drapes, blinds or window shades so large hail won’t shatter and bring in broken glass
  • Keeping your cars and other vehicles inside your garage
  • Relocating your outdoor furniture when you hear news of the storm

Protect every aspect of your home by planning ahead and repairing any damages before they escalate to costly replacements.

Trusted Charlotte Roof Repair With Blue Fox Roofing!

Getting your roof repaired isn’t always easy, but our team at Blue Fox Roofing wants to guide you through every step. Our specialists will help answer any questions you have about your roof’s appearance and what damage can look like after a hailstorm. Contact us for a consultation today!

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