Although it’s not an everyday matter, you may sometimes find the need to step onto your roof. Whether it’s to remove holiday lights, clean out your gutters or any loose debris, some chores are easier done while on top of your house. However, walking on your roof can be risky for you and pose a hazard to your roofing materials.

At Blue Fox Roofing, we care about your safety and your roof’s integrity, so we want to ensure you fully understand the risks associated with walking on your roof. Read on to learn more about the damage you can cause from venturing onto your rooftop and how to avoid it.

Safety Concerns

While some roofing materials are hardier than others, generally you should refrain from walking on your roof. Due to constant exposure to high winds, rain, hail and snow storms, roof shingles become more susceptible to damage as they age. And if your roof has been leaking without your knowledge, there may be areas of wood rot underneath shingles. Stepping on one of these weak spots can lead to immediate breakage, causing you to fall through.

Falling through roofs is a rare occurrence, but it’s very serious. More often homeowners fall off ladders while transitioning to or from the the roof. Or, they may lose their footing while traversing the roof slope. Many residential roof planes are steep, enabling them to efficiently shed water and debris. Because of this, it can be an awkward angle to navigate on foot.

Conditions are significantly more dangerous after rain or snow. But even dry roofs pose a risk, especially if the shingles are loosing granules, brittle and breaking. Those conditions can lead to nasty falls and severe injuries. You can avoid these risks by having a professional roofing contractor service your roof.

Damage To Roof Shingles

Walking on your rooftop is certainly a safety hazard but can also cause structural damage to roofing materials and components. Foot traffic on the roof can bruise or break the shingles and compromise the integrity of the entire roof system. Shingle bruising and breakage can also lead to leaks. Long term water intrusion can cause damage to the roof deck, rafters, insulation and ultimately your living space – leading to even more expensive and inconvenient repairs.

If at all possible, you should try accomplish most roof maintenance without stepping foot onto your roof. To better protect yourself and your roofing, follow these tips:

  • Invest in an extension ladder and extension tools.
  • Perform inspections and clean gutters from the top of your ladder.
  • If you see any damage or loose debris/objects, take pictures and contact a professional.

How To Safely Navigate Your Roof

Whether you’re on the roof to take down holiday decorations or you’re just up there to explore, it needs to be done safely. If you find yourself on your roof more often than your neighbors, consider investing in professional non-slip shoes and harnesses. Cougar Paws are the shoes are worn by Blue Fox roofers and are made with preventative care in mind. These shoes are also great to wear when you’re walking around in your attic as well!

If you must walk on your roof, follow these safety guidelines to avoid damage:

  • Before stepping on, examine your rooftop for possible hazards, such as damaged materials.
  • Never walk onto your roof during wet conditions.
  • Make sure that you wear well-fitted, non-slip shoes with good traction and walk with slow, controlled steps.
  • Avoid stepping on any loose, cracked or broken shingles and debris.
  • Take pictures of any areas of concern for an expert to assess and repair.

Let A Pro Handle Your Roof Repair & Maintenance

The safest way to go about any roofing task is to schedule an appointment with a professional roofer. Our team at Blue Fox Roofing has the experience and knowledge necessary to carefully inspect your roof so that you can remain safe and sound on the ground. We also offer a storm damage assessment to help determine if your roof needs repair. Whatever your roofing issues are, we find ‘em, we fix ‘em, we promise! Give us a call!

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