Though your roof seems like an impenetrable shield between your home and severe weather, even the toughest materials can be affected by consistent erosion — especially by tiny teeth! The local wildlife around your home can cause major damages to your roof, leading to premature repairs and replacement. If you want to keep your roof healthy, you will need to deal with some persistent critters!

Blue Fox Roofing has seen every furry, whiskered or flying pest that you can imagine munching on your roof. We want to share the top animals that can affect your roof quality and our expert roof protection solutions. Count on the best Charlotte roof maintenance team to have your back!

What Kind Of Animals Are Damaging Your Roof?

Here in North Carolina, we share our beautiful natural areas with a wide range of animals, but there are some specific culprits that are known to enjoy eating, nesting and damaging your roof. Have you seen any of this common neighborhood wildlife around your home?

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums 
  • Chipmunks
  • Birds
  • Bats
  • Insects

If you have some furry or feathered neighbors, your roof could be at risk for deterioration. Keep your eye out for the formation of any suspicious holes, nests or other signs of home building by unwelcome visitors!

Roof Damage Caused By Animals

Those tiny teeth and claws may seem insignificant next to your tough roof material, but never underestimate the power of determination! Animals like raccoons and opossums dig holes in the eves and roof to gain access to the attic space. Not only does this cause an unsightly gap, but it also opens up your attic to the elements. Wood rot and mold can easily take hold and reduce the health of your roof and attic. 

Similarly, birds and bats really appreciate your dark, dry attic for nesting and sleeping. Unfortunately, they often block important vents and airflow pathways with their nests. Lack of airflow certainly has an effect on your attic’s ability to regulate temperature, leading to problems in the future. 

How To Keep Animals Off Your Roof

Since you can’t politely request that your furry neighbors stop making your attic their home, you have to resort to other solutions. Besides being vigilant and scheduling roof maintenance, you can take some preventative measures against roof visitors.

Anti-Bird Spikes

You can install small spikes on the edges of your eaves or roof to discourage birds from landing there. This might show them that your home is not an easy target for further nest building, and they will move on to find an easier home.

Trim Back Trees

The number one way raccoons and opossums get to your home is through the trees! The branches growing towards your home are like perfect bridges just begging to be used. Keep up to date with trimming your trees, and limit how easily critters have access to your roof in the first place.

Quick Roof Repairs

If animals have made a hole or gap in your roof, make sure you have professionals repair it quickly. The longer the opening is left unaddressed, the more animals have the chance to move in or cause more damage!

Animal-Friendly Roof Services

At Blue Fox Roofing, we know how to keep your roof healthy and gently correct those critters who think your attic is their home. With trustworthy, passionate team members providing skilled solutions, your roof is in the best hands. Contact us today for all your furry problems, big or small!

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