A good tailor or cobbler can be tough to find. Why have these skill sets become lost arts? Perhaps it’s because replacing shoes and clothing is so much more affordable than it once was. The same cannot be said of roofing. Yet, somehow finding a craftsman with the ability to identify and repair leak sources has become a real challenge. Most roofing companies simply recommend a complete roof replacement, even when a cleaner, faster and more affordable repair will do.

Blue Fox is different. We continue to train our installers in the time honored skill of roof repair, right here in Charlotte. Our family’s combined experience of 45 years in the roofing industry put us in a unique position to offer roof repairs that affordable and make sense. 

How do you book a repair with Blue Fox? It’s simple. Just call our office and set up a Service Call. Service Calls start at $149. For that modest fee, our roof tech arrives onsite ready to resolve the top 5 reasons a roof might leak prematurely.

If he uncovers a more serious problem, we’ll provide a comprehensive plan of action and quote for the job. In some cases we can even discount the cost of your service charge from the final tab.

Here’s just one recent repair Blue Fox performed on a seven year old home in Weddington, NC. Using infrared technology, our roof technician was helped to identify areas where water was pouring into the home. 

Repairs were made to areas where the previous roof was installed incorrectly. What was the result of our roof repair? It withstood record rainfall during 2019, keeping the family safe and dry. Sleeping soundly worry free is something they can take for granted again.